Heat Molded Insoles - 3 Pairs

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Whether at work, walking or participating in daily activities, we are on our feet a lot, which puts lots of stress on the joints. All that load can cause problems in the feet, ankles, knees, hips or other body parts if not properly absorbed. With proper inserts, stress and pain on the feet and joints can be reduced, creating a healthier you.

Our Dr. Comfort insoles provide comfort, absorption, stability and support for those living with diabetes, arthritis or other medical conditions. Our orthopedic inserts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and support structure to fit many different types of feet and conditions.


  • Molded to the patient’s foot
  • The arch is molded by a footwear professional to match the contour of your arch
  • Shock absorbing and helps alleviate pressure points from the bottom of the foot